Weber Recht & Steuern law firm with its German locations in Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden mainly advises in the areas of German criminal tax law (advising and defense in tax investigation matters, criminal tax proceedings and tax evasions, defense in criminal fiscal courts, defense and negotiations in disputed tax proceedings with the fiscal authorities, voluntary declarations), value-added criminal tax law (advising and defense in value-added tax (VAT) evasions, VAT-carousels and VAT-chain transactions), finance litigation law (opposition proceedings and fiscal lawsuits before the fiscal courts as well as the German Federal Fiscal Court in Munich), value-added tax (VAT) law (evaluation of situations, design of value-added tax-related service relationships, input tax optimization, introduction of risk management, value-added tax records at home and abroad, implementation of input tax remuneration procedures, accompanying special VAT-audits, represented before the financial courts), tax law, commercial law, corporate law, contract law, real estate law, construction law, litigation law, insolvency law, inheritance law and corporate succession law.

We are particularly keen to highlight our areas of activity in the areas of criminal tax law, finance litigation law and value-added tax (VAT) law. Due to our specialization, we are able to advise our clients with a high degree of efficiency in these areas. We also demonstrate our special expertise in the areas of criminal tax law, finance litigation law and value-added tax (VAT) law by our nationwide lecturing and publication.

It is of considerable importance to Weber Recht & Steuerrn law firm to provide an optimum consulting experience and customized solutions for each client. Weber Recht & Steuern law firm, therefore, attends to each client individually and accompanies him/her with all available legal means until the completion of all proceedings. Face-to-face contact with our clients is a special concern for Weber Recht & Steuern law firm. This way, we minimize the likelihood of loss of information.

Numerous publications prove our exceptional expertise, particularly in the area of the German criminal tax law and of the German value-added tax (VAT) law.