Our firm advises clients on value added tax issues. Consulting in the area of value added tax is not only of utmost importance in Germany. But it has steadily increased for the practice of cross-border services on the basis of the world's globally positioned presence of German companies.

Above all, the requirements with regard to value added tax become by statutory rules more extensive and thereby inevitably more bureaucratic.

The VAT involves the danger, not just since the introduction of the European single market. However, the dangers are often not recognized. The cliché is widespread, from the VAT as "success-neutral, transiting post" to go out. For this reason, VAT-considerations are often neglected in business decision-making. We make sure to find suitable strategies to optimize value added and prepaid tax, and support our clients in their international activities in cooperation with our foreign colleagues.

We advice our clients in

  • evaluation of value-added tax situations,

  • design of value-added tax-related service relationships,

  • input tax optimization,

  • introduction of risk management,

  • implementation of VAT-reviews

  • value-added tax records at home and abroad,

  • implementation of input tax remuneration procedures,

  • accompanying special VAT-audits,

  • correspondence with financial authorities,

  • represented before the financial courts and the German Federal Fiscal Court in Munich, and

  • preparation of expert opinions on value-added tax issues.






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